Saros Super App

Saros Super App

All-In-One Simplicity

Elevate your daily financial routine with the ultimate tool of convenience.
Wallet, exchange, payments—simplified.

Consumer-Centric Design

Built to redefine your experience
on Solana with effortless navigation.

Fast, Secure Transactions

Experience the speed of Solana with secure, swift payments.
Your financial interactions, reimagined.

One Platform, Infinite Possibilities

Embrace Solana's innovation. Embrace your financial future with a single app.


People's passport to the digital world
Equipped with dePIN technology, SarosID is your secure and private passport to the digital world, offering unrestricted access to financial freedom and a world without borders.
Discover a new era of digital identity with SarosID.


Fostering a thriving economy
Experience the ease of borderless transfers and the power to shape the platform's future.
$SAROS empowers community participation, supports long-term builders and supporters, and fosters a thriving economy.

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